OBMedical LaborView® sensor system

Welcome to OBMedical

OBMedical Company, a Delaware corporation, is a medical device company commercializing technology jointly developed by the University of Florida and Convergent Engineering, a biomedical engineering firm. The LaborView® sensor system – our initial product – is a wireless, electrode-based, electronic maternal-fetal monitor sensor replacement system that measures labor contractions and the heart rates of both mother and child. The LaborView® sensor system will replace current outdated sensors with more accurate, reliable, and comfortable sensors, enabling a safer and more cost-effective obstetric monitoring system with greater patient satisfaction. It is compatible with legacy electronic fetal monitors.

We were founded in 2012, and our technology grows out of over a decade of biomedical research led by Neil Euliano, Ph.D., and his team at Convergent Engineering using neural networks, signal processing, information theory, data fusion, artificial intelligence, and the clinical experience of the OB-GYN Department at the University of Florida College of Medicine.