OBMedical LaborView® sensor system

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OBMedical® Company,

Founded in 2012, our technology is a result of over a decade of biomedical research led by Neil Euliano, Ph.D., and his team at Convergent Engineering, using neural networks, signal processing, information theory, data fusion, artificial intelligence and the clinical experience of the OB-GYN Department at the University of Florida College of Medicine. We are currently developing a suite of products to address multiple needs in maternal/fetal health.

The LaborView™ System is a major advancement in external fetal monitoring: a wireless electrode array that captures maternal and fetal heart rate plus contraction data during labor for all BMI classifications. Placed once on the maternal abdomen, the system is light and easy-to-wear while walking, moving or turning. It is compatible with legacy electronic fetal monitors, and L&D nurses will appreciate the lack of repositioning and ease of application.

With LaborView™ "you nurse the mother not the monitor".